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Celeb Picture of the Year 2010 by Life

I See You... Beating Me

Photo: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Avatar director James Cameron mimics choking his ex-wife, Hurt Locker helmer Kathryn Bigelow, at the Academy Awards on March 7. Her movie, a tiny, little-seen war flick, topped his big-budget FX extravaganza in several key categories, including Best Picture; she also became the first woman to ever win Best Director.

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Давайте я вам, что ли, повешу "Best&Worst Fashions" на Emmy от EW?


Drew Barrymore

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если вы еще не в курсе, сегодня в [ profile] kino_tops маленький праздник для девочек. впрочем, мальчики там тоже оттягиваются по полной. заходите на огонек.
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12. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, 1990
Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks creator David Lynch didn't look far to find a writer for this fictional diary of his show's iconic murder victim: He gave the job to his daughter, Jennifer. The diary, which follows Laura from her 12th birthday through her increasingly dark experiences involving drugs and abuse, climbed up to the number four spot on the New York Times paperback fiction best seller list in 1990.

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by EW

Still fuming that Julianne Moore and "(500) Days of Summer" didn't get nominated? It's not the first time fan faves got the cold shoulder. See our list of the most unjustly overlooked work in Academy Award history.

My Fair Lady (1964)

Audrey Hepburn bespeaks a plucky elegance that permeates her turn from a ''draggle-tail guttersnipe'' into a proper English aristocrat. But it was her singing that turned out to be problematic for Oscar voters: Eliza's numbers were voiced by Marni Nixon (West Side Story). Resentment also lingered that studio head Jack Warner had given Hepburn the part over the untested Julie Andrews. Come ceremony time, Andrews took the Oscar for Mary Poppins, but Hepburn received a long ovation, proving she still won plenty of hearts.

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by Cracked

Cinephiles love reading way too much into a films, and 99 percent of the stuff they come up with is bullshit ("what if Haley Joel Osment was also a ghost?") but other times, they turn out to be right (yes, Harrison Ford really was a replicant in Blade Runner).

Well here are some oddball, yet strangely plausible, alternate fan theories that in many cases actually improve the movie quite a bit.

6. "James Bond" Is Not a Man, But a Code Name

When the 007 franchise launched in 1962, Sean Connery was 32 when he received his license to kill. That was almost 50-years ago, and James Bond has aged like a fine Beaujolais spiked with antifreeze. How is the same 30-something special agent who fought the Cold War-era Russians now taking on post-9/11 terrorism?

The Theory:

There has been a theory among fans that there is no one single James Bond, but that "James Bond" is a codename passed on from one agent to the next as each retires (just as the titles of M and Q pinball from agent to agent). The theory explains the agelessness of Bond--note that Daniel Craig's Bond became 11 years younger whereas Judi Dench's M aged by four years.

This also explains how James Bond's personality changes dramatically from actor to actor. For example, in one film you have Timothy Dalton's Bond burning a man alive (around the 9:00 mark). Pop in another DVD and you see Roger Moore's Bond is doddering around in a clown costume.

The more you look into it, the more it makes sense. George Lazenby's Bond had his wife murdered in the last film he appeared in, so fans could assume that his 007 retired out of grief. Timothy Dalton's Bond went rogue and was kicked out of MI6. Pierce Brosnan's final outing ended with Bond being abandoned by British intelligence. Next movie, there's a new Bond in the tuxedo and the old one is presumably on a beach somewhere collecting a government pension.

Hell, even the guy who directed Die Another Day believed this theory. Wait, that was the Bond movie with the invisible car, right? Fuck that guy.

Why Does it Make the Film Better?

We like the realism that this theory gives the Bond franchise, particularly since 007 movies have the propensity to fly off the rails every few years (see: Moonraker, Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist, that invisible fucking car).

On the downside, it throws a real monkey wrench in Cracked's patent pending "James Bond Immortality Diet," in which we advise you to hydrate solely with Gordon's and Lillet and to bed at least three secretaries daily.

"C'mon toots. I'm only doing you for my blood pressure."

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от [ profile] xxxavier

Чёлки года:
Брюс Уиллис и Рада Митчелл

трусы года, спиздили года, буэээ года и так далее
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by MovieLine

9. Sue Sylvester, Glee (2009)

Portrayed By: Jane Lynch
Profile: The Cheerios coach and mastermind will do anything it takes to ensure her cheerleading squad’s funding, even if that means selling out the Glee club at sectionals, verbally abusing staff, and enlisting student spies. Sylvester has the most mysterious back story of any villain on television today: she euthanized her own mother, assisted in the capture of Noriega, torments the homeless, and is missing a uterus.
Trademarks: Track suits
Powers: Can make herself throw up on command, boasts an unstoppable hunger for power
Weakness: Local news anchormen, protein shakes
Claim to Fame: Named Cheerleading Coach of the Year by Splits magazine, hosts a segment on the local news in which she speaks out for caning and littering.
Teen Choice Award Nominations: 0
Quote: “You think this is hard? Try being waterboarded, that’s hard!…You think this is hard? I’m living with hepatitis, that’s hard!…You think this is hard? Try filling your own cavity, that’s hard!”

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Total Film не стал расставлять всех по местам, просто перечислил. Весь список - здесь

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The Top 10 Mainstream Films

Bad Lieutenant

Werner Herzog's edgy noir fed off Nicolas Cage's flywheel intensity in a portrait of a cokehead cop out of control in post-Katrina New Orleans. He starts out bad and, driven by a painful back and pain meds, goes crazy and gets away with it because of the badge. Herzog paints the storied city in dark shadows and a notable lack of glamour, and when he involves Cage in a stare-down with an iguana it somehow needs no explanation. I predict they'll work together again. They probably got along at least as well as Herzog and Klaus Kinski.

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by TotalFilm

20. Twlight: New Moon Jacob Action Figure

Why We Don’t Want It: Okay, so we’re not exactly the prime target market for this one.

There's only a 70% chance our mums will accidentally get it for us. But even the tweens with it tattooed on their Christmas lists will be disappointed.

Because it seems to have missed the main point of the character – Jacob spends most of the runtime of New Moon with his top off. As you can’t remove his plastic t-shirt, this toy is totally pointless.

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by T/S (Mike Harvkey)

10. Mikhail Kalatozov, I Am Cuba, 1964

This is one of the most strikingly beautiful films ever made. Don’t mind the propaganda (Russian-born Kalatozov also made the stunning The Cranes Are Flying, an equally propagandist movie about the virtues of Communism), it’s the filmmaking that matters. The intricacy of this shot is just breathtaking.

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by SunTimes

Everybody hates it when they don't explain everything that happened by the time the movie is over. What we need at the end is not open-endedness but clarity, loose-end tying-up, closure. We need more movies like "Psycho" (unfortunately Simon Oakland has passed, but Larry King is still with us) and "Mulholland Dr." -- movies that take a little time to explain exactly what happened so we're not left feeling stupid all the way home. You know what they say: The difference between a comedy and a tragedy is where you end the story. Well, the same goes for the ending: The difference between a good ending and a bad ending is how good the ending is. Here are eleven of the most outrageously unsatisfactory ambiguous endings in movie history:

11. "Gone With the Wind" (1939)

Scarlett O'Hara says, "I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all... tomorrow is another day." That's not the ending of a movie -- that's the beginning of act three! Put up or shut up, Scarlett. Clark Gable has just said the word "Damn" at you and that's it? If tomorrow is such another day, then bring it on!

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by Cracked

Mental illness is one of those issues that not even smart people have a good grasp of. So we probably shouldn't be surprised that Hollywood's treatment of it is about as informed and respectful as showing up drunk to a stranger's funeral and crapping in the casket.

From serial killer movies to sappy mental hospital dramas, Hollywood uses mental illness as a convenient plot point, often forgetting to do even five minutes of Googling on the subject first. As a result we get things like...

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22 (awesomely) bleak sci-fi futures
by EW
очень странный, как всегда, топ


Released in 1997; set in the near future

Deleted scene: Genetically inferior Ethan Hawke impersonates Jude Law to become an astronaut — but just winds up getting insulted by Chris Rock at the Oscars.

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by Total Film

6. The Bunny: Were-Rabbit

The Film: Wallace And Gromit In The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

Why He’s Cool: He’s a vegetarian, for one thing. Like Count Duckula before him, that’s a hell of a twist.

He might be dangerous to the local produce, but he’s also a misunderstood monstoid with plenty of scope for stories.

Franchise Opportunity: Since he’s a Nick Park-style poke at the old Universal creature features, we’d go the whole hog and kick off a black-and-white tale of a misunderstood rabb-beast hunted by angsty villagers in a castle-adjacent farm village.

If Benicio Del Toro’s take on the Wolfman can reheat interest in classic movie monsters with a fresh spin, then the Were-Rabbit is laughing. Well, snarling, drooling and snacking on carrots. But you get the idea.

Why He Shouldn't Be The Easter Bunny: He'd hand out veg instead of chocolate eggs, and no-one wants that.

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by EW


WHY HIM: Driven mad by the isolation of a haunted hotel, Jack Nicholson's disturbed novelist in The Shining is an argument for the benefit of crowds.

MOST EVIL QUOTE: "I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash them right the f--- in!"

LEAST BADASS MOVE: Enjoys typing.

BIGGEST WEAKNESS: Poor at mazes.

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by ZAP2

George Clooney and Shannen Doherty

There are few things better than reconnecting with old friends. Except when they're now-famous old friends on TV.

We're heading into a surefire winner of a doubleheader this spring: Megastar George Clooney's Dr. Ross will check back into "ER" tonight as the long-running hospital drama prepares for the big goodbye on April 2, and Shannen Doherty's bad girl-gone-good Brenda will resurface -- with child in tow? -- on "90210" for its season ender.

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